An author

Some facts for the tossing:

  • Firstborn daughter, with a younger brother who looks and behaves older, both blessed products of a cross-straits romance in merry England
  • Citizen of Singapore
  • Denizen of Hong Kong for four years and three months
  • Ghoulish presence at Singapore Bible College at the mo’
  • Fan of Diana Wynne Jones, Joss Whedon, Jay Chou, Dave Chappelle, Stephen Chow, Studio Ghibli, Pixar Animation Studios, Worship Central, This American Life, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Michael Palin’s adventures, Stephen Colbert, Korean dramas with happy endings, Jesus Culture (and other forms of intense indulgence in the posture of worship), Bollywood
  • Connoisseur of good affordable food, fine weathered friends, fast fearless enmities, lazy lousy days, good books I don’t read and a certain I-know-not-whatness about life
  • Mac user since 14 November 2000 (1st: iBook G3/466 SE Graphite, 2nd: MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz 15″, plus an iPad 2 in the Glory of White, then a free iPhone 4 but oy, the 3G plan’s a monthly pain)
  • Compulsive photo-taker, reductive video-maker
  • Studied French, Latin and Hindi, to little avail; getting better at Mandarin with lesser effort; can just about hold a conversation in Cantonese (but can’t in Teochow or Foochow, to my familial shame); tackling Koine Greek with some seriousness, and Biblical Hebrew with much sheepishness; now I want to absorb Melayu and/or Bahasa Indonesia slowly but surely
  • Sort of double majored in English Literature and Political Science with a minor in Philosophy; now marching onwards to a Master of Divinity, with a concentration on Intercultural Studies (but later switched to Biblical Studies)
  • Kinda had two stories for children published, as well as a hotch-potch of educational ‘articles’
  • Hoarder, bibliomaniacal type (no, really) (also, way too many CDs and DVDs)
  • Comedy nerd, hopeless type
  • Dilettante, intellectually ineffectual type
  • Flibbertigibbet, verbally diarrhoeal type
  • Christian, growing-to-be-ruined-for-Christ type

7 thoughts on “An author

  1. i agree, and like, that you’re a ‘flibbertigibbet’! isabel is quite obsessed with the sound of music; she can sing most of its songs, including ‘how do you solve a problem like maria’

  2. hehe, actually my gold-standard flibbertigibbet reference is meg ryan’s delivery of a line in joe vs. the volcano (assisted by a folding fan): “Daddy says I’m a flibbertigibbet!”

    has isabel been introduced to the wonders of mary poppins yet? i remember that as one of my great obsessions!

  3. oh isabel’s obsessed with the opening scene where mary poppins sits on a cloud; and the part where poppins arrives descending with a brolly. also warbles ‘spoonful of sugar’ and ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ (somewhat. she skims thru the syllables in a blur :)

  4. yeah she does groove to bbbh songs, or they did. at a certain age (about 1), they both were terrified whenever bear came too close and sniffed the tv, but have now grown out of it lah :)

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