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7 thoughts on “An author

  1. i agree, and like, that you’re a ‘flibbertigibbet’! isabel is quite obsessed with the sound of music; she can sing most of its songs, including ‘how do you solve a problem like maria’

  2. hehe, actually my gold-standard flibbertigibbet reference is meg ryan’s delivery of a line in joe vs. the volcano (assisted by a folding fan): “Daddy says I’m a flibbertigibbet!”

    has isabel been introduced to the wonders of mary poppins yet? i remember that as one of my great obsessions!

  3. oh isabel’s obsessed with the opening scene where mary poppins sits on a cloud; and the part where poppins arrives descending with a brolly. also warbles ‘spoonful of sugar’ and ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ (somewhat. she skims thru the syllables in a blur :)

  4. yeah she does groove to bbbh songs, or they did. at a certain age (about 1), they both were terrified whenever bear came too close and sniffed the tv, but have now grown out of it lah :)

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