Dil Dhadakne Do (2015): Tinsel and truth

Ensemble aboard!

Ensemble aboard!

93. Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) — At this clip, I might just hit 100 Hindi movies before kingdom comes! Anyway, this is another one of those utterly modern, utterly stylish Bollywood films, but with a most winsome approach to its fluffy dialogue, family drama and manufactured conflicts. Below the comfortably cosmopolitan polish is a willingness to go raw at the edges, giving us a wry look at divorce, infidelity, daddy issues, etc. — the same old stories made new in every family. At least, in Bollywood billionaire families.

I enjoyed the DIY touches, with the cast given free rein for parts of the choreography, for example, and the endearing ensemble, who were inevitably shunted aside at the end for the main cast. Ranveer Singh, who impressed me muchly in Band Baaja Baaraat, is here, as are the supremely confident Priyanka Chopra and the fearless Rahul Bose. Why did Farhan Akhtar have to play a perfect man? Because his sister directed the film?? I appreciate and understand the apparent rise in feminism in the Hindi films I’ve been watching, but am a bit wary of lip service — still, the arc here was done quite well. The cruise ship itself was quite a character — and what’s up with the ever-increasing number of folk heading to Turkey and Greece for the hols?

Apologies for ending in a complaint … or really an old observation. I didn’t really buy the romance between Ranveer Singh’s and Anushka Sharma’s characters. So full of artifice, their first meeting — think there was more chemistry between her and Priyanka Chopra. Even the subplot between the pseudo Romeo and Juliet was sweeter, as was the could-have-been thing between the Poor Boy and the Rich Girl. Didn’t really buy the swift reformation and reconciliation for the Anil Kapoor and Shefail Shah couple either — I think it’s more the writing than the acting though. This movie was entertaining enough, but would have edged closer to gold if that certain frission you get from watching SRK and Kajol had been there. Or am I disgruntled because I don’t believe in love based purely on feelings (anymore or have never, I don’t know), but equally on honesty, loyalty and service?


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