Annus mirabilis

One of the reasons why I made such a shift in (or should I say, actually found) direction in life was because of the creeping horror that otherwise “this” was what life was going to be like if I didn’t giddy-up and head to where I should be going — the days drifting before me year by year, nothing changing at the speed of light. So I am very happy to report that 2014 has proven to be a tremendous year for me —

  • through the agony of work and the ecstasy of fellowship in the last semester of my Master of Divinity programme at Singapore Bible College
  • through my first-ever silent retreat, a weekend with the Jesuits at Kingsmead Centre
  • through my first-ever visit to Indonesia — gobsmacked by the architecture, I was
  • through turning old enough to apply for my own public housing flat …
  • through the actual fact of graduating (how did that happen again???)
  • through adrenaline-pumping adventures with schoolmates at Phuket, Telunas, and the epic Justice Conference Asia
  • through beginning to make my way into a new church, with all the attendant training in humility, patience and trust
  • through a big and happy change in hairstyle ^_^
  • through returning to the same seminary, this time as an administrative staff (shout out to those patient, pure-hearted labourers), a research student (shout out to the longsuffering labourers passing through the Master of Theology programme), and — how’s this for amazing — a teacher of basic Hebrew (shout out to my own teachers, on whose shoulders I stand)!!!
  • through the sobering, gentle, piercing, God-given words of a warrior ajumma who runs a prayer mountain in Korea
  • through the mind-altering, faith-bolstering Philosophical Hermeneutics course, and the ensuing research paper and presentation with encouraging feedback
  • through the once-in-a-long-while family trip (and getting to visit Taiwan again!), undertaken to support my little bro in the steps towards the big venture of marital bliss
  • through the unexpected gift of viewing all three Occupy HK sites through my own beady eyes
  • through the utterly unlooked for and undeserved opportunity to attend this year’s South Asian Christian Youth Network gathering in Dubai, all thanks to TSY!!!
  • through being set free from anxiety attacks in confined spaces that somehow began on the plane to HK
  • through having any lingering illusions shattered about a self-deceiving hope I once had, the denouement to a tale I would not want my worst enemy to live through, but have grown tremendously through nonetheless
  • through the glorious news of a cousin getting baptised on the same day as his then-fiancée, and the happiness of witnessing their wedding and having the energy to drive two hours straight and back to Muar without dozing off like I did three years ago … (my parents were in the car, and they aren’t believers yet)!!!

In the past three years of seminary, I have fallen into every trap I could. The Lord in his love has let me suffer the consequences of my actions and inactions, and helped me learn from them — the Lord in his mercy has rescued me from much delusion, especially in the year gone by.

I look forward to the year ahead with eager anticipation for where this freedom will lead to, and pray especially to flee like the wind from the temptations of my besetting sins, finally grasping the finality of victory in Christ over them.

Next post will be about the adventure in Dubai!

[Addendum: And how can I forget? I played basketball and even football in school this year — at my grand old age! Better late than never ever! Teehee!]


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