Not wasting the waiting

Wise words on not wasting the waiting by Mark Romanek, director of iconic movie videos (lately that jolly one by Taylor Swift; make sure you watch Hurt by Johnny Cash) and who has indeed transitioned to films like One Hour Photo and Never Let Me Go:

I always really wanted to be a feature film director, but that wasn’t coming together. So I said, well, maybe if I just do this and really focus on it, I’ll learn more about myself as a person, and I’d have more stories to tell, be able to just grow as a human being, and be ready to make a movie. Because I might know a thing or two, and really learn the craft by getting to do all these different aesthetics … and I just really embraced it and tried to get really good at it.

— from a documentary on Romanek here

By the grace of God, a research paper and presentation was somehow accomplished this past week. By the grace of God, my teaching of Biblical Hebrew, part one, will be roundly completed this coming week. By the grace of God, unexpected adventures are afoot the rest of November. By the end of all this, I will have truly ‘levelled up’ in ways beyond what I could’ve imagined at the beginning of the year.

The Philosophical Hermeneutics paper was a mountain I had to go back down and climb up again so many times, and the summit was so impossibly high. The teaching of Hebrew was a lesson in hard work, humility and the huge difference that a mentor makes. And the upcoming adventures — well! Will tell if I survive them.

But these all feel like steps and stations; I’m on the way to somewhere or something else. I’m growing up, I’m gathering stories, I’m getting ready to … (blank to be filled in by the rest of my allotted days). In the meantime, much maturation is needed and to come. Pray for a sister!


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