Seven days till graduation

And a hundred and twenty days since my last post!

Since then, my final semester for my Master of Divinity has more or less ended, a goodly number of fears and hopes have been fulfilled and abandoned, and I’ve stopped shoehorning sets of threes into my sentences (oops).

Last night was the graduation dinner for the School of Theology (English), and it was a good night, thanks to the many hands lent. The graduands were asked to share a photo and a few words on how that photo expressed a memory, a thanksgiving or a testimony they have from their time in SBC. I didn’t manage to send mine in time, so here it is for posterity:


Now as to why — on my first day in school (which was literally the first time I’d stepped foot there), there wasn’t a single soul I knew. I found myself looking for a table during tea break, while talking to God (naturally, in such a situation?!): “You’ll take care of me just like you took care of me in Hong Kong, right? You’ll send me friends, won’t you? Friends who will be true.”

Well, the next thing I heard was loud (OK, roisterous) laughter coming from the table I was approaching, one with a chair or two empty. And the peals of joy were rolling from none other than SChng. (I remember JChen and DHeo at the table too, along wth JWoo.) She did indeed become a friend, true and honest even when I fail to be. She, and sweet, concentric circles of others. (I and you know who y’all are.)

(On the same day, I also discovered that a dear old secondary schoolmate had graduated from the same course recently — so thankful to the prayers and advice of ECheong. For example, “The class that prays together, graduates together.” A truth that cannot be overstated!)

Eh, so why this photo, again? Well, this egg tart and baked char siew bun represent the typical (OK, eternal) snacks served during tea breaks in SBC. (Sorry, not so eco-friendly are we, with the plastic fork …) Whenever I have this sweet-and-savoury combo in the canteen, I am reminded of God’s faithfulness in not bringing me to a place without his presence, showing that he is with me always by being incarnate through his children who bear his image and do his will (that is, heap burning coals on my head by being ever so kind when I am silly).

His children, my friends, with whom I have learnt to suffer with and depend upon, even as they have had to tolerate and trust me. His children, who love me and pray for me, in SBC and beyond.

I am so thankful to you, Lord, and to them. Amen.


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