Can I get a hey, man?

So if someone told me that a Certain Busy Gentleman (CBG) in the civil service “was instrumental in bringing” a Contentious Industry (CI, which naughtier people might term Christians-Say-No, or CSNo-means-no) into my little corner of the world, and then that CBG left his glittering governmental portfolio, and was “appointed as a senior executive” at one of only two CI companies that won the bid to set up shop here, then is it not justifiable that my Radar of Wild Suspicion (RWS) starts pinging?

Especially if the news is buried on page 8 of the Home section in the state newspaper (dated 30 April 2013)?

Ping away, my pretty, ping away! Even though you’re making me very uncomfortable! Ping, pong!

Mr Goh Chye Boon, 43, is slated to take over as chief executive officer of RWS, according to sources. …

A former member of the elite Administrative Service …

He chaired the Government’s Integrated Resort Working Group in 2007. He also oversaw the rolling out of the first Formula One night race in 2008, when he was deputy secretary for special projects in the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

… he joined the company on Jan 28 this year as executive vice-president of resort operations.


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