Do you want to play with me?

If the book of Proverbs was meant to school young Hebrew men in the way of the LORD, and (Western) fairy tales were meant to train children in the morals of the world at a time when they were not permitted much of an adolescence, then what would be the equivalent tool of conscience for the young of today? Girls and boys, across the econo-ethno-spectrum, who either grow up too quickly or not at all?

How about if we compose modern-day fairy tales, each of whose moral is founded on what the whole book of Proverbs (not just a ‘golden verse’ or two) — or all the Wisdom literature — has to say on a particular heart condition, like laziness (my speciality) or greed?

And how to get through to a jaded audience, as firm as fresh jello on a hot dashboard? What spanking new medium can best convey an age-old message in this time? Does there have to be spanking? Does the mode of communication have to be new? What if we go retro? What if we go transmedia-retro like The Lizzie Bennet Diaries?

What if we just have fun with this, and take it as far as it will go? What if the attempt to do this becomes the story itself? What if the audience becomes the author(s), and contextualisation takes care of itself?

What if, in-deed.

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