His Love 그 사랑

Have you ever heard a song in an unknown tongue and have it move your very soul? As though you reached an understanding of its heart without necessarily knowing with your head what it means? It happened for me with this song by the Korean band The Markers (마커스):

Did you feel the waves of love beat against your inner man?

My, well, Korean classmate DHeo translated the lyrics for me this evening — and this time the waves of emotion that rolled through me were amplified by the biblical beauty and simplicity of response in the words:

I sing the Father’s love
I sing the Father’s grace

That love — unchangeable
Truthful, His faithful love

A bruised reed he never breaks
And a smouldering wick he never snuffs out

That love — unchangeable
Truthful, His faithful love

Love …

That love — he died for me
He was resurrected for me
He is Jesus Christ
That love will come again

Neither death, nor life,
Neither angels, nor any powers in heaven
Can separate us from the love
Everlasting love — Jesus

(Many thanks to DHeo for letting me reproduce his translation!)

(And come to think of it, many thanks to JChia for first airing the song at the ol’ cell group!)

May it be that my brothers and sisters the world over continue composing these songs of Deep Magic, giving voice to what eternal souls are singing, giving ear to what heart and flesh are crying out to the living God.


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