Don’t get mad, get leaven

I don’t know why it takes me so long — from morning to night! — to produce drivel, even after discounting time spent eating, moping and napping (all the essentials). But anyway, am quite taken with the steaming rage in my latest piece of drivel for school, so would like to share it — context is the evolving status of women in Singapore since the 19th century (did you know that just about ONE out of every THREE females of ANY age was in the sex trade here as recently as 1884?!*):

Could these women have imagined a day when girls would be given as much education as they wanted, no longer viewed as parasites to be married off, bartered away or worse? Even my paternal grandmother had to grow up in such an oppressive atmosphere, so I am all the more grateful for the sure and steady steps made towards this day of equal education and mostly equal opportunity. With this in mind, should not Christians of either gender be moved to humility and harbour greater ambitions for their part in the story of Christianity not only in Singapore but the region? If in the nineteenth century, the immigrant “caught between the vicelike grip of poverty and the fear of secret societies … discovered in the churches the compassion and practical help they needed so badly”**, what can we do for the more than one million migrant workers living amongst us today? What can we do about the horror of human trafficking that disgraces God’s image? What can we do about the ecological destruction that dishonours God’s creation?


* Based on William Pickering’s estimate that at least 2,000 of the 6,600 females in Singapore then were prostitutes (quoted in Sng, 86).

** Bobby E. K. Sng, In His Good Time: The Story of the Church in Singapore 1819–2002, 3rd ed. [Singapore: Bible Society of Singapore and Graduates’ Christian Fellowship, 2003], 102.


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