Pa, rum, pa, pum, pum

I don’t know how long this is going to last, but I’ve been luxuriating in the sound of sounds since yesterday. An NUS scientist took over a lesson for my Old Testament Studies class, and ended his session with an exploration of just how exquisitely and delicately balanced the inner ear is in order for us to have hearing. I mean, just an atom’s breadth lets you distinguish between loud and soft! And the cochlea, the workings of which takes my breath away, is only the size of a pea! I’m not surprised to be so amazed, because we’re talking about the Creator, after all; I’m happy that I can be astonished at this age; I’m thankful to be given this precious faculty!

Heading home last night and remembering the lesson, I leaned back in the car, closed my ears and just received the sounds all around. Even that of traffic, which I automatically try to block out; even that of my mum gently snoring, which I usually attempt to ignore. And what I heard was beautiful, because I could hear it. I realised that I’ve become a bit too good at not noticing things. I highly recommend giving this leaning back and soaking up a go once in a while, even for half a minute. With our ability to hear higher frequencies dropping away with age (and hair loss inside the ear!), there’s no better time to ‘open’ your ears and listen to the ‘truth’ of the sounds out there!


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