Band Baaja Baaraat (2010): Unrequited love deciphered

What a blue! (On the kameez)

86. Band Baaja Baaraat (2010) — I had no idea about this wonderfully “kitschy” movie or its breakaway star, Ranveer Singh (I think his secret is that he’s not the typical poser — he throws himself into the fray with abandon, and it all works out somehow), till (of course) Sayesha enlightened me. Refreshing how it’s not about national emergencies or big ‘hero’ moments, but buddies in business, small-timers in a big city, making their way in the romantic yet cutthroat world of wedding planners. Everything seemed so hunky-dory, though, that I started wondering what sort of believable conflict could possibly arise between two opposite poles that get on like a house on fire.

Ah, it had to be love. Sop sop.

But, the halfway kind — where there’s only one person at the meeting point. Sob sob.

Until the immaturity of the male of the species manifests itself in unthinking cruelty, and the female of the species proceeds to thwack him on the head (not with a slate but) with OK, he doesn’t love her back. So? It’s not all about him. She’ll move on.

Unfortunately, at this point, the resolution is a bit too pat — he realises what a fool he’s been and it’s not too late for him to tell her how ardently he admires and loves her. And he also gets to slip in the accusation that she was too fixated on getting the ‘right’ guy, which was why she would be content to nurse a broken heart rather than straighten him out on his misplaced boundary markers between love and friendship.

Um, but yeah, it was an entertaining, unthreatening, candy-coloured movie — good with pizza and friends (and a baby). (And Ranveer Singh makes his character difficult to disdain — Sayesha tells me the actor is all the more impressive for not having come from some illustrious moviemaking family; the first actor in her recollection since Shah Rukh Khan to make it big without a big name.)

PS. Words in italics link to two of my favourite-ever reads. Kudos for guessing which.

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