Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011): The great escape

85. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011) — You won’t get to live life twice, sayeth the title of this movie, which reunited me with friends like family that I have woefully neglected. Entertaining buddy-road movie set in Spain (I hear the tourist dollars go ding-dong), which led to four realisations and two questions.

Realise that: (1) Hrithik Roshan is a braver actor than I thought, being willing to take on a character with rather dismaying character flaws; (2) my first encounter with Farhan Akhtar in front of the camera, and I see that he’s pretty good at looking dejected with his soulful eyes; (3) Abhay Deol is so gosh-darned likeable. (4) oh my goodness, Katrina Kaif is truly gorgeous from all angles. She’s got that unassuming beauty going on. (Note exhibit A to the right.)

Question (1): Is this rather fleshly film the way that Bollywood is going? One reason Hindi films got me hooked in the first place was how they were so … quaintly chaste, even while depicting the most overwhelming desire, which was incredibly refreshing amidst the flesh-first ethos of Hollywood.

Question (2): Why did it require extreme sports to force the characters to confront themselves and grow up? Symptomatic of a generation inclined towards a permanent childishness or problematic to idealise high-income, high-functioning types who can apparently age without maturing? But OK, a movie has got to have conflict and resolution, however pat. This one also gives you pretty words, pretty pictures and pretty people.


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