Do not let me drive you anywhere in the afternoon

I nearly killed my parents this afternoon. On the highway from KL to JB, I dozed off while going at 120 km/h, only to have my eyes opened a few seconds before the car would have rammed straight into the central divider.

After the initial shock, I had the presence of mind to thank God not only for delivering us, but also for enough time to not swerve away suddenly but guide the car back to the slow lane instead.

As more of me came back, I recalled praying before starting the drive that dear God, please keep Mummy and Daddy safe, even if I’m not. So, thank God for His great love and mercy. I’m daring to think that He wants me around a bit longer for something.

Later this evening, I went back to reading Psalm 119 and returned to these verses I’d only given a cursory glance this morning:

Deal bountifully with your servant, so that I may live and observe your word.
Open my eyes, so that I may behold wondrous things out of your law.
(Psalms 119:17–18 NRSV)

Was suitably astounded and freaked out in equal measure. A half-articulated prayer, answered — I have indeed been dealt with bountifully, so that I live, and my eyes were indeed opened, so that I could continue observing the Word and see wondrous things borne out of it.

What else to sing, but the life-song of thankfulness?

PS If you’d sent up a prayer for me this afternoon, thank you for participating in the rescue!

PPS Something else to be grateful for: no cars just behind us!


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