Non-Egyptian cat venerated for holiness

A revelation by good old Alexander McCall Smith:

While her husband was away, Saint Senga was comforted by the company of her three children and by that of a holy cat which she had acquired shortly after their marriage. This cat, who was the object of a cult of veneration all along the shores in those parts, had shown its holiness at an early age when instead of preying upon birds, as other cats will, it brought them small offerings of food, ears of wheat which it carried in its mouth and then dropped below the branches on which the birds were perched. In the fullness of time, these birds became so trusting of this holy cat that they would fly down from the trees and perch on its back. It was a curious sight seeing this cat walking along a path with a small line of birds perched upon its back, but it was a spectacle that reminded the people of those parts just how saintly was the home of Saint Jock and Saint Senga, and how strong was the spirit of goodwill and kindness that it might penetrate the heart even of a cat, and transform the life of that creature.

From The Lives of the Scottish Saints

Infecting a cat with holiness > Giving a cat influenza


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