Not as straight as you think I am

So … try as they might, human beings can’t move in a straight line without something like the sun, the moon or a mountaintop to guide them …

You know, this could not only explain why people get lost in the desert if you let them, but also a made-em-laugh incident in one of SCGS’s mandatory swimming lessons at River Valley — we were supposed to do the backstroke across the width of the beginner’s pool, but unbeknownst to myself, I made a right turn and finally stood up after wondering what was taking so long to get to the other side. Took my goggles off only to see the instructor with his arms folded, shaking his head at me. And maybe the rest of the class were in fits.

Now waiting for someone to explain why and how I woke myself up by laughing at a joke in a dream the other day … first time in my life that happened, and ’twas good fun!

May you laugh yourself awake sometime soon …


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