“Roll over the ocean, roll over the sea”

Today: one of those Saturdays where good intentions completely fell through, and instead of running the errands that have been piling up, I ate cup noodles, tucked myself back in bed cos of the cold, played Final Fantasy IV for way past the ergonomically appropriate hour, and ended up with a stuporous headache from lying supine all afternoon.

Today: only saved by having to haul arse down to my small group meeting — having to be in contact with folks who desire to engage in conversation, care that I’ve eaten dinner, and are eager to study the Word of God together. (Today: also saved by my beloved life-saving HK-style milk tea [救命奶茶!].)

Today: only made meaningful by the intrusion of community on my self-indulgence. I used to think it was a bother — that hell could very well be other people (go get your Sartre on), but now I see community as the battlefield where mettle is proven, where the talk of loving your neighbour is walked (instead of being ignored when inconvenient). It’s also where I’m saved from myself, and from the temptation to entertain myself to death.


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