Truer romance

So, Leap Year. A sappy mixture of predictable romance and tourism board fare, but the trailer had got me interested and my new place has a non-skanky video rental nearby, so I guess there’s nothing wrong with light fare for the evening. Plus, the chemistry between Amy Adams (love how fulsome she looks in the film) and Matthew Goode (omgoode) was acceptably potent (but somehow better in the trailer — just watch the trailer, eh).

Anyway, I know I’m faffing about. The reason I’m mentioning Leap Year is this (paraphrased) jewel that popped out of the mouth of an Irish bride addressing her groom in the film:

May you never steal, lie or cheat.

But if you must, may you steal all my sorrows away.

May you lie with me all the nights of my life.

And may you cheat death, for I cannot live without you for the rest of my days.

I had to admire the adamantine passion in those lines and would love to voice them, but the me of this year thinks the last line is woefully misguided, even if it was only meant to convey a certain depth of feeling. Death the chasm is inevitable and unbridgeable by us finite beings, no matter how bold or mighty we claim our love to be.

Then I realised I would indeed be able to address these words to a certain Someone if I revised them a little, and that I wanted to do so very much. So here goes:

Thank you.

For every promise you have given and kept and will continue to honour all the allotted days of my life.

For lighting in me a deep and abiding joy.

For your presence whether when I walk among the shadows or dance in the light.

For standing victorious over the devil, sin and death even though it meant being beaten and bloodied, pierced and cursed.

Thank you from the bottom of all that I truly can be, my Friend and Brother, my Servant King, my Lord and Saviour.

I love you!


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