Amusing myself

Yeah, well, who else is going to do it? Not that I find it hard to make merry, but the ol’ barrel of laughs seems kinda shallow these days.

So … here’s something that lightly amuses me every time I swipe my super-duper-fantastic Logitech VX mouse over it:

Why, it’s only an über-auntie (in HK, an auntie is called a Si1 Lai1 師奶; in Taiwan, she’s called an Oh3 Ba1 Sang4 歐吧桑) from a Japanese cartoon! I’ve only ever watched one episode, but found it so true-to-life that it was quite engaging, really. Maybe cos my inner auntie had to express herself more clearly these past years on my own! You can check out the cartoon for yourself here (can’t find any with English subs yet …).


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