One walk of life

If I simply must have something to say, it’d be to share an insight I heard from a Tim Keller sermon entitled “The Serpent in the Desert” — the reason why it seems so darned difficult to get along with people in one’s church and from other churches and denominations is because we are simply not a natural grouping of people.

You see, people easily form clubs based on their interests, proclivities, and/or genetic/geographical/demographical/financial categories. However, the only thing that binds Christians together is the Christ — outside of Him, we’d probably have (or want!) nothing to do with each other. I have witnessed this with my own eyes and ears and heart in the churches I’ve attended.

The fact that we’ve come together is a miracle in itself — and it means we do have to work especially hard at loving and forgiving and seeking forgiveness from one another, as we’re that much more likely to cause offence. Imbibing this has made things so much clearer — and perhaps easier. Grateful!


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