Hulk! Smash! Delusion!

What the heck happened to《不要赌博,赌博不好》(“don’t gamble, cos it sucks”)?! It looks like a certain Taiwanese superstar cum aspiring Hollywood actor lost some money at baccarat — it was either S$2,000,000 or S$1,000.

Sometimes I forget how I’ve wondered about his (alleged) behaviour now and then. Fine, he didn’t sign up to be a role model. And next to the nut who’s suing the other casino for not stopping him from losing S$26,000,000, he’s not that puerile. But still — he said what he’d said, and then he did what he said not to do. Bleargh.

Instead of hating on the casinos, maybe I should be seeing them as a chance to witness foibles and foolishness in action, and peel back the layers a bit. Goodness knows I’ve got plenty to account for myself.

[Addendum 7th September: I have repented of being so harsh on the guy. Should not pin hope on humans being perfect.]


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