Thirty seconds and under

May I present a fortuitous compilation of footage that never fail to tickle me, all lasting 30 seconds and under:

The one, the only, Carlton Banks:

Shiver me timbers, Homer:

Baby got payback from Harry Solomon:

Panda shock:

If the panda gets in, the chipmunk gets in:

I cannot get enough of this, but the funniest thing is actually the tailor’s horrified reaction at the sweet dudes’ stupidity (OK, it’s 2 x 30 secs long):

“He wisnae so much a man as … a blancmange.” Another one breaking the 30-second rule (my blog, my prerogative …). It might not tickle you as much, but it gets me, it really gets me (also, you gotta have some Python in a gathering like this:

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