Noodly impressed

So I was trying to look for information on PGPR, a common ingredient in candy, when I came across a CandyRecapper article on it, and the website (oh, the chimeric wonders of the Internet — the site combines candy reviews with snark) alerted me to the existence of a site that has compiled almost 500 ways to cook instant noodles, which then brought me to the homepage of a guy who has sampled as of today 4,421 different bowls of instant noodles since 1996!!! Dude also has mini YouTube reviews of the stuff he’s eaten (intrigued to see that he first cooks the noodles, then puts the seasoning in the bowl and pours into it a bit of the hot water the noodles are cooked in, dissolving the seasoning before dunking the rest of the edibles into the bowl).

I was duly impressed. And only a touch disturbed.


2 thoughts on “Noodly impressed

  1. never clicked ‘like’ before, so i thought i’d give it a go. not to say that i didn’t ‘like’ your post, of course. although the quote marks make that look sarcastic anyway. maybe i should stop typing. yes.

  2. haha, um, yes. by the way, since this is inappropriate as well:

    106L x 50B x 80H
    unpolished brown wood, one ledge at shin height, one drawer along length

    111L x 60B x 72H
    white veneer, one keyboard tray, one drawer and two adjustable ledges 30cm length

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