On (finally) watching Inception

Not going to get all discursive here, just wanted to share some thoughts:

  • Now that’s what I call stretching the possibilities of cinema — my stomach was tied up in a tight knot the whole movie through! Kinda stressful, actually, having to continually re-anchor the changing realities to your own — so very unlike Toy Story 3 (I cried twice — how many times did you?), where the narrative just floats you away. Maybe not a good idea to watch it after a full workday. But definitely a cinematic milestone, and a worthy summer blockbuster — none of that workaday trash that ends up besmirching the good name of alien robots.
  • Ironically, the movie for me showed the limits of merely human imagination. What truly transcended was never transcendent, that is, beyond normal human experience — love, kindness, faith, hope and courage: these are still and ever the things that avail to save the day.
  • He did and he didn’t make it. Unshackled from the prison he didn’t choose, and shackled to the final (and, in my opinion, cinematically heroic) choice he made.
  • If there’s ever a movie pairing up Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I am so totally there.
  • I recall Arnie Grape in every Leonardo DiCaprio performance I witness (and it turns out I haven’t witnessed many) — he was that good all those years ago.
  • Not even CGI as of 2010 can change this — no one can dance on walls like Fred Astaire (circa 1951).
  • Christopher Nolan, you doth rocketh.

4 thoughts on “On (finally) watching Inception

  1. Ugh, I want to reply in detail to this post, but no time! For now, I’ll just say “I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING!” and leave, but I’ll be back! Also, I kind of love you for this:

    If there’s ever a movie pairing up Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I am so totally there.

    OMG YES THANK YOU. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who saw the potential. They didn’t even have any romantic scenes (except that cheeky kiss), but they had such great chemistry! Also, the actors are super adorable together.

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