I can’t believe it either

I just made ddeokbokki!!! (Me?!)

Here’s proof:

Click here for the recipe (I substituted the Korean-style thin fish cake with Japanese-style thicker ones). Seriously, how could you not love a cuisine that lets you produce reasonably tasty fare as long as you get the ingredients right? And I’m a bit in awe of how it’s turned something I used to detest (rice cake — absolutely couldn’t stomach it Shanghainese-style) into spicy goodness.

(An even better use of rice cake I’ve found is evenly roasting and then slathering it with gochujang sauce … as found here, my favourite Korean eatery in HK! It’s along Tsim Sha Tsui’s Kimberly Street, parallel to Kimberly Road and Granville Road, which is like a mini Koreatown — there are many other restaurants, two supermarkets and best of all a little shop selling fresh ‘n’ heavenly side dishes here.)

Er, yes, and I will pack a good portion of it for lunch tomorrow; not gonna have all that for dinner, nosiree.


2 thoughts on “I can’t believe it either

    • I dunno … am a victim of my own success … now kinda sick of rice cakes, ugh … rice rolls, on the other hand, i always have time for! mmm silky soft changfen slathered with sauce and sesame seeds …

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