Uh oh, whatever, and The! Green! Hornet! Trailer!

Nasty words are starting to swirl around and about The Green Hornet:

… The mass exodus during the panel for Michel Gondry’s The Green Hornet, another DIY superhero movie, was frankly embarrassing, and so emphatic that you half expected the panel members – Gondry, writer and star Seth Rogen, and bad guy Christophe “Attendez les crème!” Waltz – to down tools and stomp out as well. Initially, I’d had no intention of attending this panel, … But then the disparaging rumours about The Green Hornet reached fever pitch and … well, call me a softie but I always feel protective towards the runt of the litter.

From the clips we saw (in 2D, though the film will be in 3D – a bold and striking idea, I’m sure you’ll agree) it looks like a moderately glossier version of Gondry’s usual thrift-store kookiness, complete with Matrix-style fight sequences. It’s not hard, then, to see what sent the fans running. A movie geek may be insatiable, but she or he can also be highly conventional. The Green Hornet looks like innocuous fun to me, but the sight of Seth Rogen goofing around, blasting his sidekick in the face with a gas gun, is no Dark Knight disciple’s idea of a superhero film.

Rogen, whose banter became steadily more subdued, seemed to know it. He started off admitting “there have been lots of conflicting ideas out there about what the movie should be” and ended up responding to a question about his dramatic weight-loss with a sullen: “No, I’m just dying.”

From Comic-Con 2010: Kick-ass superhero flicks and those that don’t in The Guardian

I don’t care a rat’s arse about The Green Hornet. Any movie directed by Michel Gondry or starring Seth Rogen is already a must-watch for me. But! this! one! has! Jay! Chou! as! well! (And it can’t be as bad as Treasure Hunter, is what I’m saying. And from what I can tell, just The English itself is going to be entertaining enough!) If I am still alive and have my senses intact next year, I am going to buy a ticket for this sucker and watch the heck out of it!


PS: After watching the SOMETHING, you will note that Kato is too cool to be blasted in the face with a gas gun. This is beginning to make me suspect the veracity of the rest of the report.


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