“I like …”

I wonder why rainboots are not particularly popular in Singapore (or are they now? Well, 3.5 years ago, they weren’t), since goodness knows it rains and rains and rains. They only surfaced in my consciousness cos the things pop up in HK in all shapes and sizes round about springtime (when it rains and rains and rains all the way till autumn). Most of them hit the wrong part of the calf for me, though, and the higher they go, you can imagine that the conditions inside the boots get more swamp-like. (Note: please wear socks — not even stockings — with rainboots, unless you like sticky and its equally evil twin stinky.)

So, I’ve been pretty happy with the pair of rainbooties I ended up with after three years of dilly-dallying:

An endearing cross between the fashion sense of Darth Vader and a Japanese grandmother, I think

Would advise you to get a pair (in whichever style that flatters your figure and ego) if you’re stuck in rainy climes. Change into a pair of comfy (or not) slip-ons (or whatevers) in your office (or wherever you spend the bulk of your day apart from home), and luxuriate in the joy of dry and warm feet when it’s a-thundering outside.

Hat tip to GLau for the title of this post.


2 thoughts on ““I like …”

  1. In my normal frivolous self, I had been thinking what kind of shoes i should bring/buy to UK! Anyway, I had been keeping my fingers crossed, and praying to Abba Father, that L can go with me to study together and that we will be provided for when we are there!

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