Why editing could hasten your demise

To wit, through you, the editor, having to deal with:

  1. excessively fastidious colleagues and writers (relationship fail)
  2. not being as fastidious as you thought you were (professional pride fail)
  3. profiteering bosses (work-life balance fail)
  4. criticism and doomsaying about your company and industry (dignity fail)
  5. being a direct agent of deforestation (conscience fail)
  6. deficiency in vitamin D (diurnal creature fail)
  7. flaming microwave ovens and the inhalation of the ensuring fumes as well as a can of air freshener (brain fail)
  8. “rapidly developing unhealthy cellular changes” (this one really takes the cake, leh)

10 thoughts on “Why editing could hasten your demise

  1. Yep, the Domokun background is most excellent. Thing is, it’s now very hard to see the fields in this comments thing.

    When did you have an encounter with a flaming microwave?

    Having had to make the acquaintance of one in my last two years, I always worry that it’s going to explode one day with me in front of it…

    • it was just last night — i put some garlic bread to heat up, went to the washroom, came back to the pantry and witnessed putrid smoke billowing out of the oven! AND i actually nearly burnt down the one in my flat in HK doing the same thing before! i think the trick is just never to microwave anything that doesn’t say it’s microwavable on the cover.

      • re: hard to see stuff in comments fields — i’ve tried safari, firefox, chrome and explorer (explorer looks the worst, as usual, with things out of alignment even), but in all cases, the comments fields are all on a white background. are you using some other browsah?

      • Heh heh no, am using ye olde Firefoxe. Hm, garlic bread should go in the toaster, no? I try and use the toaster when I can, though of course the wet stuff all has to go into the microwave…

  2. Oh yes, never put anything that doesn’t says it’s microwaveable into the microwave. Always check. Even if it doesn’t burn, u may have ingested toxins released from the plastic wares due to the high microwave temperatures!!!

    Also don’t microwave a mug of water in the microwave. The surface molecules in the water will be super energized so when u try to take the mug, it may ‘jump’ and scald ur hand.

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