Letter to a pasty friend

Dear hot pepper paste from Korea (aka gochujang),

You are so wonderful. You make leftovers taste brand-new, and set fresh food on sweet and mellow fire. Once, I tossed you aside because you grew cold and hard with neglect with my refrigerator. But when I realised I should have treated you more warmly, your stance became softer, and our relationship thawed. Now I am privy to your versatility and charm.

Example 1: Seasoned noodles
1. Cooked and drained noodles mixed with …
2. Sesame oil and …
3. Gochujang with …
4. Radish kimchi as a side dish

Example 2: Rolled egg omelette
1. Melted cheese inside …
2. A jolly fried egg with …
3. Gochujang as a dip

Example 3: Homespun bibimbap
1. Assorted leftovers (e.g. of kimbap-making) arranged on top of …
2. Rice flavoured with sesame oil and salt, then mixed with …
3. Gochujang as gelling agent

I have been informed that you can also be used in stews, stir-fries and marinades, and that your buddies, fermented soybean paste (aka doenjang) and fermented soybean soy sauce (aka ganjang), have a magic of their own too. Let’s go exploring someday soon.

Whiff luff,


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