‘In those mysterious dungeons’

I have discovered Óscar Romero! Imagine saying these words to the perpetrators of the Maguindanao massacre:

In those mysterious dungeons
where so many of our brothers and sisters have vanished,
…..how many must know terrible secrets,
…..how many have hands stained with blood,
…..marked by outrages — how many weeds in the harvest!
God waits for them.
Don’t pull them up, says Christ — wait.
We wait.
I would like to say, as a brother,
to all those friends whose consciences are uneasy
because they have sinned against God and neighbour:
…..You cannot be happy that way;
…..the God of love is calling you.
…..He wants to forgive you,
…..he wants to save you.
July 23, 1978

From The Violence of Love by Óscar Romero, compiled and translated by James R Brockman, SJ

Truly the reality of Jesus was greater than the reality of the storm around him.


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