On a roll

Had a new guest for dinner who I was quite anxious about not poisoning, so I ended up getting enough groceries to make at least four different dinners with two options for drinks. Well, I needed to stock up on groceries anyway!

At first, I thought I’d opt for the tried-and-tested egg curry from Anjum Anand’s superlative Indian Every Day, but didn’t really have time to gather all the ingredients (it’s not just about eggs!).

Then I thought to go with the well-worn spaghetti with store-bought sauce and funky mushrooms routine, but decided it would be too pedestrian.

Finally, inspiration struck — since I’d made kimbap at least twice, why not try that again? Coupled with readymade miso soup, it should be all right. Was a bit worried about that episode, of course … but it turned out to be fine. No dizzy spells, no broiling guts. That I know of. And thank goodness it was kimbap and not sushi that I made — turns out the said guest did not like Japanese cuisine (which can get pretty gross — horse sashimi, anyone?), so being presented with a plateful of sushi-looking things must have been a bit ugh-some.

Very kind guest’s verdict was that the kimbap tasted good (especially with the sushi soy sauce my mum had for some reason left behind), so all’s well that ends well. The miso soup with bonus organic tofu went down a treat too, despite its origins. And the supermarket-cut watermelon and pineapple (my new favourite) padded things out nicely.

Overall, I am quite relieved!


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