The kimbap that nearly killed me

Bad kimbap! Bad!

So I was (mostly) fast-forwarding through Boys Before Flowers, and decided that I wanted to roll myself some kimbap, i.e. Korean sushi. Now, this is from someone who never had the slightest inclination to take a sushi-rolling class even when it was offered on a silver platter. So, you know, I was surprised by myself.

Anyway, so I went recipe-hunting, and ingredients-gathering, and collected my wits about me (but forgot to check out YouTube first!), and made a first attempt that tasted all right but fell apart at the seams, then the second attempt seemed to taste OK too, and some of it even stayed somewhat intact (Exhibit A above). Very good with the Korean soy sauce I bought along the Koreatown of Hong Kong, Kimberly Street.

Unfortunately, I started feeling dizzy an hour or two later — like my head was swirling inside of itself — and ended up regurgitating quite a bit of dinner. It’s either because I overate or something went wrong … maybe the eggs? Did I overdo the sesame oil? Or, horrors, under-do the hygiene?! Whatever it was, I had to dump the nice portion I kept for lunch (argh, what a waste!) just in case it wasn’t because I overate. And I guess I won’t be attempting kimbap again for a good long while. Eurgh.

But, done right, kimbap really is tasty stuff!


5 thoughts on “The kimbap that nearly killed me

  1. Oh dear. Hope u r feeling better now.

    Btw, nice change to the blog and who is Lee Min-ho and why is he even more beautiful than Jerry Yen? Anyway, Jerry Yen is 帅 and one usually describe someone like Wu Chun as 美/beautiful.

  2. I think the blog looks too woody and sweet now … like a badly made cartoon! But I guess I’m just bored.

    Eh, Lee Min-ho is the Korean version of Daoming Si. I didn’t have enough characters in Twitter to distinguish between the handsome and the beautiful … I think Lee Min-ho is more good-looking than Jerry Yen, then! Phwoar. Recommend you watch this:

    Think I have lost patience for the Taiwanese mode of drama already. Maybe I am growing up after all? Or just growing mouldy.

    When I wanted to make kimbap (bimbap is the stone pot rice, I think) for you and Alice, it was before I even tried to make it. So, you’d probably have survived the attempt. It was the second round that went weird.

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