“He was no guarder of truth”

Moar Spurgeon, moar!

He was no guarder of truth. He allowed truth to fight her own battles in her own way, and you know how she bares her breast to her antagonist’s darts, and finds in her own immutable, immortal and invulnerable life her shield and her spear. His speech was confident, for he knew that truth would conquer in the long run, and therefore he gave forth his doctrine without respect to the age or its prejudices.
From ‘Christ: Overcomer of the World’ in Christ’s Glorious Achievements by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

What a way to look at Jesus. Also, have never thought about truth as being something you need not defend, by virtue of its virtue. Consider me amazed. We so often get duped into struggling against that which has already been defeated, and fearing that which has not even come to pass. I don’t want to get tricked into wasting my time anymore, or be deceived by the seeming immovability of hearts to things unseen.


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