The truth about bats and hogs

Whenever I’m asked what is it I actually do as an editor, I automatically reply, ‘I help bring a book from conception to delivery.’ Because it’s true. But if you really want the full-blown inside story, this astute piece of bloggage will do it for you (for the context of that bloggage, please see this report on a confederacy of dunces). Hong Kong and Singapore don’t have a state adoption textbook policy at this point in history (that is, schools get to choose which textbooks they want to use — though in Singapore, as far as I know, there are certain subjects that have state-mandated textbooks, e.g. civics and morals), so I haven’t had to be as slavish, but being part of profit-making ventures means that a certain posture of servitude is mandatory. (And that is exactly the kind of long-winded, convoluted sentence that I’ve had to wean myself from in this industry. Blessing in disguise?)


2 thoughts on “The truth about bats and hogs

  1. I so very extremely totally agree with your last sentence! (If you can see me, i’m raising both my hands and legs.) I confess i have “problems” following your l.o.n.g. sentences at times…. :S

  2. i quite agree with the blogger’s confession abt those authors, freelance writers and a textbook being a ‘frankensteiny’ product. the long hours of editors is also very sadly true…

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