Brighton Blues

Sunsets by the beach …

I’ve seen them in Singapore, Malaysia, India and Hong Kong. But the one that haunts my memory was at Brighton Beach.

I didn’t have the chance to take a photo — was driving — but I had a proper glance. Perhaps it was because it was a rainy, misty sort of day, but it looked as though the sea and sky were trying to merge their blues and ended up pulling the whole world underwater. Beautiful, backlit blues. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a blue whale gliding along that delicately drawn horizon.

Brighton itself is worth a stroll — the addictively crunchy pebble beach, the abundance of vegetarian options (that has somehow become a tourist attraction for me?), the enigmatic St Peter’s Cathedral (now an HTB plant with hope, woohoo), the narrow cobbled streets of North Laine (where I spotted a Jamie’s Italian!), the nice library (nice because it reminds me of a classic Singaporean library, heheh), the fantastic organic supermarket that my mum loved, the onion-domed museum, the iconic pier with that familiar but mysterious ride that looks like a lighthouse with candy stripes — quite diverting, really.

Was told by NW that people who lose their way tend to end up at the end of the tracks, with Brighton being one of such places collecting the worn and weary and lost (not his exact words!). I guess I could see how that’s true. But no revealing why here — I’ll leave actual visitors to grasp that for themselves.


2 thoughts on “Brighton Blues

  1. hate to nit-pick (i really do …), but i think you saw jamie’s italian in the lanes, not north laine. i admit that the distinction is confusing, but north laine is where that organic supermarket it is, further up towards the station. end of lesson.

  2. Oops, I did get confused between the two, then. The Lanes is the narrow, windy place and North Laine is the interesting, bohemian place. Thanks!

    Dear reader, this is why it pays to read comments.

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