Is it spring yet?

Whither is the weather bound? It’s plunging ten degrees down in HK, has shot up by five in Singapore, and will be below ten in London when I’m there. Brr, arg.

Can trees be deceived? If so, this one near my workplace might be cheated of its blossoms very soon:

Can trees be robbed of their flowers? And even if so, would they mind?

Another sort of spring might be happening — I realise that I’m more interested in my work than some, or perhaps many, of my current colleagues. But does that mean anything? Well, at the very least, I can feel those ripples of joy and satisfaction at a job done to the utmost of my ability, at a pace that is conducive to living well and truly. But I think this sort of thing must be an attitude thing — I’d like to be able to have the same frame of mind no matter what I do, though of course I’m not about to do anything I disdain. Hmm, maybe only by downing a measure of suffering, can the cup of life be properly savoured.

There is no 'try', only 'do'

Anyway, the picture to the right will tell you what I’ve been up to, that’s been giving me all that satisfaction, etc. I guess I’m too old to have sleepless nights before giving presentations, but the usual heart-beating-fast-and-furious happened just before the-thing-that-had-to-be-done, which I now assume is the spontaneous-inducing-of-adrenalin that has helped, rather than hindered, all this while. That heart-beating-etc. also occurs when there’s something I know I can/must say. If it’s just my ego doing the inducing, I have a very funny-shaped, pointy-needle sort of ego, then. Or whatever.

When I was told I had to go do this short presentation, I also felt my innards give a leap of joy; there wisnae despair. I also also thought I’d better get used to public speaking, getting a point across, etc. if I were really to start moving out from behind the editor’s desk. This time, I took EC’s advice of preparing points instead of reading from a speech, but on hindsight, I think I forgot a step she taught me: I actually should have written the speech out, but not depend on a script, just points. Gah, I need to learn to extemporise! Oh, and that weird Clear and Correct Public Speaking Voice came out again. I even managed to say “Self-access exercises” perfectly (to my mind!) more than thrice! Like I said, weird. I’d better not become one of those accent-changers-on-demand, but I suspect I’m quite mutable, really.

Uh, so any-hoo, this might be my last post for a while, as I’m off to merry England for one and a half weeks. My parents’ mood has improved by leaps and bounds as the date for the family holiday draws near. They spent the honeymoon period of their relationship and marriage there, so I think the memories will naturally be sweet (none of that Splenda stuff). Have made plans to meet JH the 1st, EC-TK and YY — wonder if I’ve missed anyone out?

Keep warm / stay cool, wherever you are.


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