Read, read and read some more

Some choice bits to perambulate around before you dive into the real deals:

  • On the dearth and death of film criticism
    From “The Death of Film Criticism” by Thomas Doherty at The Chronicle: “It sucks,” decrees an Internet movie critic, sharing the most common aesthetic reaction in contemporary film criticism. In the viral salon of bloggers and chat-roomers, the finely tuned turns of phrase crafted by an earlier generation of sharp-eyed cinema scribes have been winnowed to a curt kiss-off. In cyberspace everyone can hear you scream. Just log on, vent, and hit send.
    Am definitely interested in reading the late, and by all accounts great, Pauline Kael. Did you know Wes Anderson once got entangled in a kerfuffle with her?
  • On contemporary Japan
    From “The best contemporary Japanese novel is a manga” by Chris Michael at The Guardian: Shortly after the first episode of The Legend of Koizumi anime is broadcast in Japan on 26 February, UK readers – whether fans of the manga genre or baffled by its appeal – shall have cause to rejoice. Not only does the TV series promise to be entertainingly ridiculous (never has “Let’s delegate!” sounded so imperiously badass), but the added attention will likely spur a proper English translation of the parody manga on which it’s based. And it’s one of the most brilliant ever written.
    Hmm, not sure I’d wanna watch cartoons playing mahjong, even if they do promise revelations.
  • On possibly the best Korean drama ever written
    A recap of the first episode of Flowers for My Life by the remarkable javabeans of — purveyor of the best English commentary on all things K-drama-related, bar none. Never thought I would cry just from reading recaps of a drama, but this particular take on this particular one turned on the waterworks, all right. Find the rest of the recaps by clicking here.

Did you catch the embedded meanings there … each linked article is about something else you can read, watch and/or admire … (boy, does the injudicious use of ellipses irritate or what …) Uh, it’s obviously time to head back up to waking life.


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