Into the fog

Springtime in Hong Kong is kinda weird for someone who grew up in a land known as ‘hot and humid’. ‘Humid’ in Hong Kong means this:

Don't build your hope on foggy ground: the view from the ground floor of my apartment

Which also means going indoors and wondering why the floors of public areas are slippery with sheen and the walls are dripping wet! So. Weird. It looks as though someone took a sopping wet mop to anything that’s a cold, hard surface, but a law of nature was suspended — water just doesn’t evaporate in these conditions, even after a few hours!

Thank God for dehumidifiers. I have a brilliant one from Mitsubishi which halts the Weird Damp, dries clothes in Weird Weather and acts as an air purifier in Weird Winter. And the pure-ish H20 it collects can be used to flush the toilet or mop the floor. Yeah!


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