The consolations of philosophy

Yeah, so I got fired from my volunteer teaching position. Or, I was forcibly retired. Or, I was thanked and told that the students would rather use the precious hour or two to revise their other subjects. In other words, the classes might have been informative to some degree, but nigh useless for passing English exams. Gah. I confess to being a bit sad, a bit shaken. I sort of suspected things were not going well, I guess. Perhaps I should have just gone with one of those exam skills books.

Actually, this isn’t the first time I tried but failed to be the sort of teacher required — I remember being taken on trial as a tutor to some rich Taiwanese kid one night, and not being asked to return.

The lesson I’ve decided to learn is two-fold (two lessons, then?): I don’t have a natural gift for teaching and I will need training if I want to attempt this sort of thing again. Um, one other thing I’ve found out about myself: I have uncontrollable ill-will towards mockers. Especially if they don’t know who far their ignorance stretches and how deeply it betrays them. I’m harsh.

Hmm, time to reconsider what Saturdays should mean again … Maybe time has been freed up for me to volunteer in other capacities, at other places.

[Addendum: Perhaps a few words on how it isn’t all dregs I’m left with — for one thing, I’ve had that invaluable ‘first time’ of teaching a class (albeit a small one of ten or so). Who knows what that’s done for my perspective on public speaking, not to mention my work in educational publishing? At least I have a slightly better grasp of what’s pertinent and perchance comprehensible to students here. Come to think of it, I’ve been having layers and layers of encounters with people of varied ages and proclivities who want to better their English. Am I getting stuck into this business?!]


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