“You must be daft”

From the most entertaining article I’ve ever read on public housing:

In reply, Lee said public housing affordability will always be an issue. While buyers would always want better flats — and priced cheaper — the government has to price flats “fair to the revenue it collects” and to the individual.

“Not only the present buyer, but the past buyer and the future buyer,” said Lee, who paused and then added: “If Mr Mah is unable to defend himself, he deserves to lose.”

While this reply drew laughter from the audience — and from Mah himself —Lee had this message for the opposition.

“No (political) party in the world has given its citizens … an asset that is as valuable as what we have given every family here. And you say that policy is at fault? You must be daft,” he said.

Three years away from Singapore, the scales have fallen from my eyes somewhat, and I’m less likely to be a reactionary. But I’m still very grateful for what has been given to me through my country.

By the way, whoever has been messing with the churches in Malaysia, and leaving pig’s heads in mosques “in retaliation” must have no idea what Christianity is about. Hello, forgiveness?

Peace out.


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