Two things that made me go aw, sweetness in the past two days:

1. The first was an iced caffé macchiato from Cova. Not only was it tasty (and effective), it was so pretty. The art of coffee, indeed.

Iced latté macchiato

2. The second was the unexpected addition of free socks (with the lead from the Korean F4 on them?!), little tinsel sweets, and a remarkably winsome message from an online store I got an amazing present for SV from. The message went something like, “Dear customer, we are Innolife from Korea. After a refreshing autumn, we are welcoming winter with you. Seoul in winter is a city full of colour and life. We hope our products and service will bring you a breath of Seoul. Thank you for your support. May your life be surrounded with love.”

Surprise attachments with a receipt


4 thoughts on “Ephemera

  1. where did u take the photo for the coffee? at home or office? the flowers in the background looks nice, gift from someone? hehehee

    sorry to hear abt ur backpain, / neckpain, i think massage is quite nice, em…i recommended elizabeth and catherine to go to the one on Caine Road before, I went there twice and I think they are nice, i also tried one in Wan Chai near the Methodist Church, that one is nice too! it made me fall asleep (it’s so relaxing), it’s not that expensive, $200 to $300 each time and u can do it once or twice a month.

    u can join pilates class then. i think there are schools/gyms that offer these. take care ar.

  2. Hey, now u understand my “fascination” with Cova when I was in HK previously? Btw, there’s a Cova here in Singapore now in Paragon and they serve excellent seafood spaghetti!

    Btw, my family recently bought a Nespresso machine at home. So now I get decent Espresso everyday! I even put them in a tumbler and bring it to work. :)

  3. SV, little do you know how MUCH cooler my present is … MUAHAHAHA!

    Windbreeze, I can’t believe you got a Nespresso machine! Better make sure you have a steady income to support your ‘habit’!!!

    J Ho, thanks for your concern, ah. I might try to arrange an in-office massage session during lunch with some of the girls. Apparently this place does a fabbo job with them: http://www.xishi.com.hk/en/services_details.php?id=6
    The photo was taken in the office — the flowers, which are actually fake, are an old birthday gift from my family.

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