Quite a long while ago, a friend of mine (let’s call her LLP, haha) was brushing her teeth when she somehow managed to bust her back. Well, now that I’ve entered into her then-age bracket, it looks like I’m susceptible to such episodic mysteries. This morning, I felt my already-stiff neck go ‘TWAAAANNGG!’ when I was seized with a sneeze. EGADS was my first thought. YOWZER! was my second. Then EEEOUCH!


This evening, I went to a doctor with experience in sports medicine, and he did some chop-socky moves that forced my crazy-stiff muscle to relax a bit. That, and the painkillers and analgesic gel, has helped, though for long-term relief he recommended the following:

1. Good posture — sit up straight at the computer, always. Watching a decade-old video of me recently made me realise I’ve developed horrible posture despite being in NCC (OK, four years vs. rest of my life might not be a good counterbalance). So this is something I must definitely keep in mind, especially if I don’t want to look so irritatingly slouchy. Ugh, seeing yourself as others see you can really suck.

2. Regular massages — what kind, I asked. Thai, 推拿, whatever, he said. Fine. But those don’t come cheap, and how do you know whether the masseuse knows what he/she’s doing? Ugh. Does this mean I have to start going to Shenzhen for HK$88 massages?! Honestly, the only time I’ve stepped onto mainland China since I came to HK was for Shanghai last August …

3. “Stretching exercises” — quote-unquote because … the doc suggested yoga at first. I protested because the roots of the exercise, and the meditative weirdness confirmed through the trial lessons I once had with Pure Yoga, but then the doc said he was a Christian too and felt it just required an attitude readjustment. That’s what I initially thought, but I just didn’t feel comfortable and wanted to err on the side of caution. Am reading Kingdom Power and Chinese Culture by Abraham Poon now, which deals with traditions one should steer clear of, so maybe I’ll have better reasons ready next time. The doc decided to revise his recommendation to “stretching exercises”, but not before showing off some of the yoga manoeuvres he does every day, which solved all his neck problems, etc. etc. etc.

Now that I’m on the topic of bodily abuse, I might as well report that I’m toying with the idea of piercing my naturally whole earlobes. Not without impant-grade titanium though …


4 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. hey, I’m suggesting Pilates too.

    On massage, I go for it once a week. Its really helpful in relieving tensed up muscles. Unless of course, massage won’t be necessary if you can go pilates/swimming THREE times a week. Well, we can go together when you are back!

  2. Thanks, guys. Actually, I tried Pilates at Shambhala in Forum Galleria many years back (MY, I did it with W Lam) — must say that I didn’t feel motivated to follow up at all. Hmm, maybe it’ll help if I exercise at all in the first place, haha!

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