Some doggerel

Lamma Island
Brown dog runs like car
Moving right to overtake —
I was slowing down

Office politesse
It would not be kind
To say your attempt to shock
Diminishes you

To my friends and family
I am not afraid
I am not green with envy
I like being me

The day the music died
She scorned my song
Stated it was not talent;
Just a side effect

Was it him or me?
Dude gives me his seat
It may be time to lose weight
Or carry less crap

Technology FAIL for reality’s sake
The camera died
Took with it Stupid and Sad
Leaving me intact

I’ll wonder till either goes first
So I thought I heard
A promise that made me cringe —
Then do silly things

Business idea #1
To all maid agencies:
Here is a language kit
For the employer


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