Oldies and goodies

Random collection of YouTube videos that have tickled me silly lately:

1. For anyone who has or have had to potty train someone … younger:

2. And I thought musicians appearing on raucous variety shows were exclusive to Chinese pop!

3. I’d still steer clear of cats, with their retractable claws and all, but this video has made me see the world through their eyes … and it all makes complete sense now. Hey, so my dog was like a cat in so many ways, with the wreckage and the mystery …

4. First in a series of a manic depressive teaching Photoshop … nothing against manic depressives, mind: love the depressive, hate the depression.

5. Back to Tiny Toon Adventures … I’ve been reminded of how much I loved them! (“We’re tiny, we’re toony, we’re all a little looney …”) Apparently, Bugs Bunny’s personality was ‘split’ in two for the show: his scheming side turned into Buster Bunny, and his screwball side became Babs Bunny. But then what does it say that Buster and Babs are supposed to be a couple?! ”Who wrote this?“


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