Slaughter of the innocents

A lot more animals than usual getting slaughtered, and not for eats:

Hindu sacrifice of 250,000 animals begins

Frightened calves galloped around in vain as the men, wearing red bandanas and armbands, pursued them and chopped off their heads. Banned from entering the animal pen, hundreds of visitors scrambled up the three-metre walls to catch a glimpse of the carnage.

Am very curious about the sort of wishes people expect to be granted “within five years” after such a sacrifice.

Thirsty camels face bullet after terrorising Australian town

Glenys Oogjes, executive director of the national advocacy group Animals Australia, said the plan to kill camels by helicopter was barbaric, and that the community could instead set up barriers to keep out the camels.

“It’s a terrible thing that people react to these events by shooting,” she said. “The real concern is the terrible distress and wounding when shot by helicopter … There will be terrible suffering.“

I imagine that I’d be quite frightened living in that town too. Are they in fact being merciful in a way, as it would take longer for a camel to die of thirst than from a misaimed gun wound? But what would be more painful, I wonder: struggling and failing, then dying naturally, or have all that taken away from you in the name of fear and convenience and … what?


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