Just is

Was told today that in Thailand, one form of child prostitution involves chaining the kid to a bed in a position that restricts his/her vision to either the ceiling or the face of the customer-rapist, as well as repeatedly ‘sewing up’ the kid to simulate virginity for higher-value sales. If the kid dies/is murdered, his/her body is casually disposed of, often by being tossed onto a rubbish heap. Authorities turn a blind eye if they’re paid enough. Apparently moral outrage can be outspent.

I want to know what I can do, and then do it.

Christiane Amanpour did a special on human trafficking a little while ago. In it, the point was made that this downward spiral of permissibility as to who or what can be prostituted all started at the top of a slippery slope. Prostitution is not the oldest profession in the world; pimping is. Once you are resigned to the idea that it’s all right to sell one’s body for a living, then you’re steps away from shrugging your shoulders and folding your arms at the news of 17-year-olds, 14-year-olds, 7-year-olds as commodities that are thrown away once they’re all used up.

Ideas are dangerous — start with the wrong one and its logical end will tear you apart. Example: the idea that having sex with a virgin cures AIDS. Logical end of idea: babies raped. How long before you’re not even shocked at such a thought, not moved to action or anguish? I already find myself thinking that ‘they’ are so far away, and ‘I’ should go to bed soon as there’s work tomorrow. May God our Father preserve me and you from a cold heart and a shrivelled soul. I know God in His time will mete justice where it’s due; may we dodge the line of fire while there’s still time.

2 thoughts on “Just is

  1. If we look from an economic point of view, there’s supply driven by poverty, and there’s demand driven by lust–of a not-too-common kind, luckily.

    Perhaps it’s easier to work from the demand side…
    so how will you counter this person’s economic reasoning?

    “On this trip, I’ve had sex with a 14 year-old girl in Mexico and a 15 year-old in Colombia. I’m helping them financially. If they don’t have sex with me, they may not have enough food. If someone has a problem with me doing this, let UNICEF feed them.”

    -Retired U.S. Schoolteacher
    (taken from http://www.justice.gov/criminal/ceos/sextour.html)

  2. Sounds like logical fallacy to me. Just because the consequence of the person’s action is that the girls are fed, does not mean that his action is the reason they are fed. Other issues:

    1. He has helped form the demand for young girls to be forced into prostitution by whichever means, so if anything, he’s the reason why they’ve been forced into the trade in the first place.

    2. It’s not direct trade we’re talking about — he’s handily neglected the middleman — the pimp — who decides whether and how much the girls get fed.

    3. He reminds me of those who claim that gambling (horse-racing, 4D, etc.) is fine because they can treat the money they lose as donations to whatever charitable organisations are supported by the government-level bodies or casinos. They’re all avoiding the real problem: what they’re indulging in is certainly not generosity, but selfish behaviour that ensures they will be leeches preying on the common weal, with nothing but the scars they leave behind to show for at the end of all things.

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