Gimme a break

Hello, is there no truth in advertising commission in China? Apparently not, with these two adverts I’ve witnessed from there:

  • Bust enhancement ad
    Woman gets scorned at lingerie shop for her puniness. Takes some wonder pill. Goes back to lingerie shop and is assumed by the shopgirl to be bigger than she’s always been. Woman enters dressing room. Hidden camera in the dressing room (!) shows the woman weeping loudly in gratitude for her newfound baggage. One good thing: it made me laugh. In a slightly hollow manner, but still.
  • Height enhancement ad
    Medically it’s just not possible to increase your height, unless you go for a deeply painful bone graft operation — and that would only give you a few centimetres more. But I have just witnessed an informercial about a wonder pill (wonder where they pull these out of) that will apparently make you shoot up overnight by more than ten centimetres. Two pieces of footage are shown side by side; on the left is a guy who’s 162 cm and on the right is purportedly the same guy, but who’s now 172 cm. Is this intra-racism of some sort? Do they not expect Chinese people to be able to tell other Chinese poeple apart?! The main similarity between the two guys is their shaved heads! What the what?! I think the advertiser attempted to distract the viewer from comparing the comparison too closely by having the female interviewer wear very short shorts in the ‘transformed’ footage. Tricksy. She does indeed have very nice legs though. Too bad the informercial kept repeating itself, so this bored mind wandered and realised the boring truth.

Who are the people the advertisers are expecting to dupe? Is there someone around to defend the consumers’ interest? I am well and truly flabbergasted. Who are the authorities supposed to be protecting? Does capitalism always have to mean crassness? Bah!


One thought on “Gimme a break

  1. Spent three months trekking in China and had my fair share of weird infomercials.
    A particularly memorable one included a vibrating weight loss belt. They wrapped it around a hunk of butter and switched it on. After 30 minutes, the hunk of butter was reduced to a pool of fat.

    The argument was, the belt can dislodge and shatter adipose tissue and hence you lose fat.

    It was hilarious.

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