Did you just say ‘abortion addict’?

A woman who had 15 abortions in 15 years? Befuddling and bone-chilling, you say? Do read these musings about her memoir:

When I was asked to review this book, I kept thinking of course by book’s end, I’ll understand how one woman made the decision to have fifteen abortions in as many years. Yet, that wasn’t the case and it disturbed me — a pro-choice supporter.

It certainly wasn’t a case of ignorance — not like the HK student I heard about who had a chain of abortions because she thought it was a form of birth control.

The woman in question has two healthy children now — she must have a womb of steel. If I were one of them and found out about what my mother had done, I wouldn’t know whether to be grateful for my life being spared, in mourning for my lost brothers and sisters, or always on my guard against her changing her mind again.

Maybe all three emotions, separate and one.

Violence, all is violence.


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