Gold diggings

I amaze myself sometimes, when I get, shall we say, motivated about something.

Exhibit A: The notes I took religiously after every driving lesson back in 2002. Read and weep! Or learn! Now, I don’t think the notes led directly to me passing the test the first time round, even though I’d stalled the car (smoothed over that one by flashing an apologetic smile … either that or being the first examinee in the early morning really helps to numb the examiner’s senses). (And certainly the grace of God was in there somewhere, everywhere, because I wasn’t even tested on the slope!) Perhaps this other thing I did during driving lessons helped …

Exhibit B: I wore the exact same pair of shoes every single driving lesson (oh, and I took lessons only in the daytime, cos the test would only be in the daytime), and of course, during the driving test. Let’s just say I was single-minded. But to get the big picture of why I would use the phrase “amaze myself” on myself …

Exhibit C: The reason why I decided to get a driving license wasn’t that I yearned for the freedom of a stick shift and the open road. Nor that everyone else in the family could drive, making me think I should shoulder a bit of that burden of chauffeuring the loved ones around — certainly one of the great pleasures of driving. And I definitely didn’t seek a Class 3 license to be more “employable”, though I have since chalked up experience behind a funny assortment of vehicles, from 4WD to sedan to MPV. Dear reader, the reason why the inclination to drive even arose in me was because of a newspaper article about Jay Chou getting his driving license aged 21. Yes, the embarrassing truth is out. I wanted to get a driving license at the same age (um, we’re the same age), cos I thought here’s something that he has done, that I can do too. Note: not the same as saying anything he can do, I can do better …

Where was I? Oh, yeah, so now you know. I need to be “inspired” to get off my arse and get with the programme … do the life stuff.

(I’m also amazed at the memories I’ve got stored up on hard disk. Highly recommend having a Mac accompany you through the phases of your life, with the tangibly intangible data being all hermity crab, moving from shell to shell, as long as it’s Mac-shaped. Hee hee.)


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