Down for the count

My MacBook Pro had to be resuscitated yet again — but I guess lasting for a year and three months ain’t too bad for a troubled soul.

And I ended up with five things to be grateful for:

1. All my data was left intact, so no worries even though I hadn’t been able to back up my drive in a while (by the way, this has finally moved me to action on getting that burnt-out Maxtor AC adaptor replaced).

2. I had loads of time to read for a week. And I read quite a bit of The Good Stuff.

3. The authorised service centre I tried this time had no queue and nice people.

4. I got to try the much-vaunted Thai soft-shell crab curry round the corner I’d heard about two years ago, and found out that I won’t be eating soft-shell crab again, having overdosed on it and found out how the crabs are ‘prepared’.

5. Apart from the authorised service centre’s inspection fee, I didn’t have to pay a cent to replace the logic board.

Not bad returns for a laptop that couldn’t be roused from a Sleep of Death, if you ask me.

I’m thankful for it.


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