Land of lost time

It’s unhealthy to get used to working overtime, way into the night. You start to get rhetorical, to rationalise the imbalance: “Well, what else would I be doing with my time?”

Doesn’t help when minor snarkiness has to be borne about the plodding pace of one’s work thanks to the lack in one’s choices.

So, I felt touched by an angel tonight when CM came up and announced that I was to go home right then and there. And I did.

Now here I am.

What to do with the precious hour before bed?

And beyond, to the precious days and weeks and months and years (God willing) before death?


2 thoughts on “Land of lost time

  1. sounds familiar.. my niece commented in a kiddishly innocent way: “Gugu, you’re home early today!” And the clock showed 9.30pm. In fact, I thought the clock stopped at 10.30pm like 2 hours back when I just glanced at it… becoming a habit coming bk late too. heRmz.

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